Understanding the Basics of Digital Travel Photography

Maloti Mountains of Lesotho in the late afternoon light. The majority of us use digital cameras these days for our travel photography. But do we really understand it? In this article, understanding digital travel photography, I’ll explain in simple words, some of technicalities we should all know about digital travel photography. Digital Travel Photography So, … Continue reading Understanding the Basics of Digital Travel Photography

Tips to Photograph People while Travelling

A street dancer in Havana This is quite a common genre. Anybody who travels and takes pictures will need to know how to take photos of people. It’s the reason why we travel, although we may not know it. We look to connect, observe and absorb different cultures and that comes from people Read on … Continue reading Tips to Photograph People while Travelling

The Camera Features Ultimate Guide

The Camera Features Ultimate Guide There are so many features now on a camera that its’ both mind blowing and confusing. The TV Analogy When we were in the market for a new TV, we discussed all the different features and benefits with retailers. By the time we had finished we were totally confused. Salespeople … Continue reading The Camera Features Ultimate Guide

Displaying your Travel Photos

Berkely River Lodge Cabin Western Australia Following on from 7 Ways to Organise Your Travel Photos and How to Back up your Travel Photos, we now move on to displaying your travel photos. After all it’s all very well to have them organised and backed up but what about showing them off. Let’s see what … Continue reading Displaying your Travel Photos