Pixbim Object Remover

Pixbim Object Remover
Pixbim Object Remover

Been a while since I posted any Pxbim editing software reviews. I’ve introduced you to Color Surprise AI and Unblur Shake AI but they also have Animate Photos AI New, Enlarge AI, Video Colorize AI and what I’m about to show you, Object Remover AI. This one is a little different as I don’t use it for object removal, I have other software such as Luminar Neo or AI and Photoshop for that. What it is good at however, is removing scratches from old photos as you can see from the above screen shot. This video runs through the fairly simple process of removing scratches.

Pixbim Object Remover

If you want to get a copy of this go to Pixbim Object Remover and you’ll get a 20% discount off the current discounted price of US$37.99 if you use my code KATINCSAI20. For this price you can’t go wrong if your are looking for an easy way of cleaning up old photos.

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