Pixbim Unblur Shake AI

Pixbim have a new software called Unblur Shake AI. As it sounds it reduces the blur in a photo.

See the video to watch it in action or scroll down for more info.

Ready to get now? Go to Unblur Shake AI enter the code KATINCSAI20 for a discount

So why should you care?
Well there would have been times when you took a photo whether it be with a mobile, DSLR, or mirrorless camera, and found that when you enlarged it looked blurry.
The most common form of blur is caused by camera shake, which for those who don’t know, is when you have taken a handheld photo with a shutter speed that’s too low for the light available or the photographer just hasn’t kept the camera still. Very common with mobile images.
There are other types of blur of course. Not being in focus is one kind. Motion is another.

So, if this has happened to you then you’ll like this program which can fix the majority of images that have blur. Although it struggles with bad blur and motion blur (a speeding car for example).

Let’s take a look.
First you open the program and then click on the “load Image” button, select a photo and ‘boom’ the magic starts.
Straight away it starts analysing the image and quite quickly previews the results.
Once the preview is loaded you can see another part of the image by going to the preview panel and moving the red square.

The buttons at the top (the magnifying glass and the double arrow) don’t work very well or maybe it’s just my copy. But they’re irrelevant anyway.

There is also a an “Unblur Factor” slide that allows you to increase the process. At this stage there are only 2 settings “Low”, the default setting, and “High”. Setting it to high is going to take longer and sometimes can be too much.

If you are happy with the result, just click on the “start process full image and save”. A window will pop up asking you to save it to a location of your choice with the same file name plus “unblurSAI_result”

One last thing, the image formats you can use with exclude raw and psd files. I’ve only tried tiff, png and jpeg images so I’m not sure if you can use other non-raw files.

Look it’s not fancy but at US$34.99 less 20% if you use my code KATINCSAI20, I think it’s steal and a great tool for photography enthusiasts. It’s a once off purchase with free updates for life.
Go to Unblur Shake AI to grab this and enter the code KATINCSAI20 for a discount

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