Nick Katin - Photographer

Nick Katin – Photographer for katin images

G’day I’m Nick Katin. More about me below:

Nick caught two bugs in 1996, his year of taking time out from a management role. The bugs? Travel and Photography and Nick has been trying to master travel photography ever since.

Now a photographer of 18 years learnt by practice, experimentation, and the odd course, Nick has built a portfolio of over 25,000 of images of from 55 different countries and 5 continents and had Images published in various on line and print publications and newspapers.

With a lifetimes’ successful experience and qualifications in sales, service and business management Nick also a deep understanding of the principles and importance of high quality customer service and delivery.

Other Interests:

Understandably Nick’s passions and interests revolve around travel. In addition to taking images of travel, Nick likes to absorb himself in the local culture whether it be eating and drinking in a local tapas bar in Spain or visiting remote villages in the middle of east Africa.

Nick dabbles with the pen having had some travel articles printed and enjoys creative fiction writing and is a keen wine enthusiast having visited many well-known and not so well known international wine regions.

Nick can often be seen roaming the streets of his home town, Perth and other Aussie cities with one of his cameras pursuing his other passion, street photography. 

All images and text are copyrighted however if you feel you have to share any images or posts please give me credit.
Alternatively you can licence an image to aid your project or publication by contacting me via our contact form.
Prints are also available via galleries If you are looking for a travel destination image or for some info or advise send me an email .

If you are a small business you need great images to help sell your product or service.
I help people like you create your own to stand out in your marketplace so go and visit Stock Photography Coaching.

Here you can learn:

  • How to spend time creating your own and be in charge of your own destiny.
  • How you can make unique photos that you own the copyright to.
  • To take photos of what you think will help move your business forward.

And then you will

Stop paying for services that delay your campaigns and
Stop settling for someone else’s interpretation on what photos you need.

Despite everything you read to the contrary you can learn to take some great photos consistently to impress and attract customers.

Hope you have fun reading and viewing my posts!


1 comment

  1. Love photography and travel so this sounds like our kind of blog to follow 🙂
    You have amazing photography on here! Look forward to seeing more. Happy snapping and travels!

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