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I’m Nick Katin, a travel and corporate headshot photographer, a marketeer and a sales professional.
Welcome to Katin Images.
There’s lots to see on this website.

  1. Lots of travel images from my travels around this wonderful planet of ours. Click on any image, GALLERIES AND PRINTS or here to buy a print of any image.
    Alternatively if you wish for a digital copy to buy and/or licence or for more info about the photos, travel or you’re looking for a particular photo, please make contact.
  2. Some of the software I’m currently using:
    Turn black and white images into colour with Color Surprise AI. enter the code KATINCSAI20 for a discount
    Use AI to process your images with a single click with Luminar AI go to Skylum to get a US$10 discount or special price.
    Get into the nitty gritty of processing but with the ease of using AI with Luminar Neo, again go to Skylum to get a US$10 discount or special price.
    Remove blur of your images with Unblur Shake AI enter the code KATINCSAI20 for a discount
  3. Below are some links to some helpful articles on travel photography.

How to
Some useful takeaways for some specific photography actions

Explanations of some more technical photography elements

Buying a camera
Pretty self-explanatory

15 Minutes
A couple of articles that give you quick wins

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Nick Katin

Perth, Western Australia

To help provide free content and to cover costs of running the site I run some advertising on the site and engage in the use of some affiliate links. These affiliate links earn me a small commission on any purchases that anyone makes when they visit stores such as Amazon after clicking on one of our links.

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