Finding the best Camera for your Travels Part 1 Compact

In The basics of camera equipment – Best camera equipment for travel photography, I mentioned That “despite those who say its’s not about the gear, you need a camera that will suit your style and objectives.” This is especially true when you are off travelling. Having a camera that you are comfortable with and that... Continue Reading →

The Camera Features Ultimate Guide

The Camera Features Ultimate Guide There are so many features now on a camera that its’ both mind blowing and confusing. The TV Analogy When we were in the market for a new TV, we discussed all the different features and benefits with retailers. By the time we had finished we were totally confused. Salespeople... Continue Reading →

The basics of camera equipment – Best camera equipment for travel photography

“If I could tell a story in words, I wouldn’t need to lug a camera” Lewis Hines Lewis’s quote is relevant to most of us these days.It’s far easier to document something visually than to describe it in words.But to do it well and consistently you do need a ‘decent’ camera.  Despite those who say... Continue Reading →

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