The Pros and Cons of Using a Vehicle for Travel Photography

The Pros and Cons of Using a Vehicle for Travel Photography
Local tour vehicle in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA

Whilst we tend to think of photographic equipment as items that closely assist in taking travel photos. One piece of equipment is rarely mentioned.

What is that?

Well one that should be the most expensive, a motorized vehicle.

In the video below from Mitchell Kanashkevich (website) he does a great job of explaining the pros and cons of having wheels whilst travelling and taking travel photos.

There are some countries where driving yourself can be dangerous and others easy.

But a lot depends on your own comfort level.

I’ve met people who won’t drive a vehicle in any country that doesn’t drive on the same side as their home.

And then I’ve met others who would drive anything anywhere with no concerns at all.

I tend to think that it’s horses for courses.

I’ve hired and bought vehicles in several different countries but also used public transport.

I adopted the latter approach by using nothing but public transport for 3 weeks in Japan last year.

Those bullet trains are unbelievable!

The Shinkansen Bullet Train in Japan


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