Great stories from the world of Commercial Photography

This is the first of an occasional series of interesting Photography stories from around the web. 


My hope is that they will inspire, interest, educate or at the least amuse.


Of course, we are all different but I’ve grouped these stories into how they got my attention:



DIY Photography have a great short explanation on the full frame v crop sensor comparison. 


They use portrait photography as an example but you could easily apply this to other genres
such as product photography.


Great stories from the world of Commercial Photography


Full Frame Sony a7ii Vs. Crop Sony A6000, Which Is Better for Portraits?


Ever looked at your holiday snaps and wondered how you could make them better?
The suggestions in this article this could be your answer.


How to make a boring vacation photo something AMAZING!



This article on Digital Rev caught my eye. It shows what’s possible with some imagination and
I think, lots of time!


Great stories from the world of Commercial Photography


Watch as New York City is Transformed into a Moving Picasso Painting


While most of us will never use a photo editor, this article on Peta Pixel explains the value of
using one if you have the money.


The Olympics Prove the Value of a Photo Editor


Never got into Hip-Hop much but I don’t need to with this inspirational idea of how you can
utilise your images and get an edge.


Great stories from the world of Commercial Photography


Your Favorite Hip Hop Photo Book is Now a Coloring Book


If you need any ideas on marketing yourself or your business, then Clint Nolan has an amazing prom mailer


Photographer’s Handmade Promo Mailer is Beyond Impressive


Interest Frighten


These 2 are more than interesting, they are downright scary.


The first is one selfies on the go. 


I wish I could say that as an Aussie it doesn’t happen in Australia but I have no doubt the numbers
per capita would be the same here.


#Driving Danger: Instagram Posts Shed Light on a Distracted Driving Trend 


Not quite so scary but quite revealing is the care taken by some of Amazon’s delivery contractors. 


Let’s be fair though, this issue is not unique to Amazon.


Watch How Amazon Delivered a $500 Camera Lens




And now for something cute:


Great stories from the world of Commercial Photography


Ten-Month-Old and Rescued Pup Make for an Adorable Portrait Duo


And funny:


Doctor Hilariously Recreates Celebrity Photos to Raise Money for Cancer


With that I will leave you with Oscar Wilde who is meant to have said life is much too important to be
taken seriously.


What he actually said was “Life is much too important a thing ever to talk seriously
about it.”


Either way he was right.


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