8 Tips on how to use a Smartphone Camera

8 Tips on how to use a Smartphone Camera 8 Tips on how to use a Smartphone Camera Smartphones are amazing things. You can live your whole life on one. From doing your banking to checking your email to turning on your lights; hell! it even talks to you now! It’s a great device for... Continue Reading →

How to Hold a Camera Correctly

How to Hold a Camera Correctly How to hold a camera correctly (Photo by Hyunwon Jang on Unsplash) So, you think you can hold a camera or smartphone correctly? Well how do you know? In this article learn why camera shake can be avoided with a little of knowledge. Take a good look at your... Continue Reading →

Understanding the Basics of Digital Travel Photography

Maloti Mountains of Lesotho in the late afternoon light. The majority of us use digital cameras these days for our travel photography. But do we really understand it? In this article, understanding digital travel photography, I’ll explain in simple words, some of technicalities we should all know about digital travel photography. Digital Travel Photography So,... Continue Reading →

An Introduction to Travel Photography

Table on the beach. Kefalonia. Greece An Introduction to Travel Photography Travel Photography is something we all do from time to time whether on vacation or when travelling for any reason. In this well written and researched article "An Introduction to Travel Photography" I will attempt to 'introduce' you to the world of Travel Photography Definition... Continue Reading →

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