Why You Need a Professional Selfie.

We all know that a picture paints a thousand words. And we know that images are important to our marketing, particularly our online presence. Why is it then that often the one image that we should have, is missing or at best average? Which image is that? The SELFIE or as it used to be known... Continue Reading →

Why you need good Photography to sell Wine.

Why you need good Photography to sell Wine. Do you produce wine but are not sure how to display it? Are you in marketing and are struggling for the best way to market your wines or the wines of your clients? When browsing the wine store for the evening’s bottle of wine how many labels... Continue Reading →

Eight Industries that need Excellent Stock Photography

Stock Photography and/or Visual content can be many things, like photos or images, infographics, videos, *Memes, screenshots and presentations. There are others of course but these are the main ones.   *BTW don’t know what a Meme is then check out this site Memes.com   In this article, I will concentrate on what stock Photography... Continue Reading →

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