How to use your Travel Photos as Stock

We often spend too much time searching for things that we have under our noses.

Let’s take Stock photos for your marketing as an example.

We’ll either jump on the net and spend hours searching for images that will fit the bill or set up our own temporary photo studio and take something ourselves that we believe will do the job.

Often, we may already have the image in our ‘carefully ordered’ catalogue of photos that we have accumulated over the years.

Sometimes the image doesn’t have to be of you, your product, your shop or your staff.

It can just represent your business in a less straight forward way the message you are trying to get across.

So below are several examples of images that can be used to speak to your potential market with suggested captions.

This is not meant to be a promotion for my other brand

However, if you are interested in any of these images just click on them and you will be taken to my gallery where you can, if you so desire, make a purchase or just see a bigger version.

Anthony Gormley Sculptures


Don’t waste away worrying when one call can help.

Are you wondering where you are? Our customer service can help orient you.


Letterboxes on the a country road in the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia


Does you email look like this? Call 1234 56778 for a way to get your email into one box.

Need a mails collection from multiple mail boxes. We can help with our special collection service.


Mulatto of Havana


Sometimes you have to walk away! Call us now for an appraisal on your business.

Knowing where to price your product can be the difference between success and failure. Visit us at


The Misty fjords

Are you winging with your finances? Go to

Fed up with flying an empty plane. Talk to us about charter flights

OK so maybe the captions are not that good but hopefully you get the idea.

Maybe you’ve got some better ones. If so don’t be shy share them in the comments section below. You could help someone else who’s struggling to coin good marketing phrases.

Additionally if you have any questions or comments about this post, you can also leave them in the comments section below.


Or feel free to contact me directly via my contact page


Sharing is caring as they say (although not sure who “they” are).


If there’s some people you know who may enjoy this or any other post on this site, please share with them.


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