Why you need good Photography to sell Wine.

Why you need good Photography to sell Wine. Do you produce wine but are not sure how to display it? Are you in marketing and are struggling for the best way to market your wines or the wines of your clients? When browsing the wine store for the evening’s bottle of wine how many labels... Continue Reading →

The 10 things you need to know about photographic copyright

In my article Why stock images are bad for business! I mentioned Photographic Copyright and that I would expand on it at a later date. Well it’s taken me a while but here it is: Copyright is very misunderstood and complicated. But it doesn’t have to be. Let’s see if I can make it simpler... Continue Reading →

Make sure your Product Image speaks for itself with this Photography Checklist

So, you think that you’ve taken some great photos of your product.  Who wouldn’t want to buy your products with them looking like that.   You've looked at your competitor’s best photos. Worked out how you can improve on those with some great composition and processing.   The lighting was perfect, the colour is great... Continue Reading →

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