Mexican Cowboys In Guadalajara photo

Continuing on with my Mexican Cowboy images. Another name for Mexican Cowboys is vaquero (pronounced baˈkeɾo) which means herder of cattle. These horse-mounted livestock herders come from a tradition that originated on the Iberian Peninsula. Today the vaquero is still a part of the doma vaquera, the Spanish tradition of working riding. The vaquero traditions developed... Continue Reading →

Mexican Cowboys In Guadalajura

One thing I noticed In Mexico was the number of "Mexican Cowboys". Older guys wearing the Stetson. In fact Stetson is actually a brand of Cowboy Hat and the founder of the company, John Batterson Stetson, is created with its creation. So the term "Cowboy Hat" is the proper generic description but I digress. A... Continue Reading →

Mural in Palacio de Gobierno, Guadalajara photo

Palacio del Gobierno is Guadalajara's government palace. Built from 1883 to 1892, the palace was built using two architectural styles known as Tuscan (main floor) and Dorian (upper floor). From February 14 to March 20, 1858, the building was the official seat of the Mexican federal government, when President Benito Juarez and his cabinet resided in Guadalajara during the Reform... Continue Reading →

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