Mariachi’s in El Parian, Tlaquepaque,

In the village of Tlaquepaque, south of Guadalajara, Mexico, is El Parian, a large plaza flanked by arcades and surrounded by restaurants and bars. In it’s centre is a stage surrounded by chairs and tables from the restaurants and bars. Pretty quiet up until lunch time the action really hots up In the middle to late afternoon of most days when Mariachi bands come and put on a show.
You can sit there all afternoon and be entertained as different acts take the stage and it all will cost you is one drink. Of course the bands themselves come around with their CD’s for you to take home and wonder why you got carried away with the moment. having said I bought two CD’s and I have got to own up to listening to one of them regularly and the other occasionally even after three years.
These couple of guys were part of the band that supported two different singers, Ana Gabriel and Dulce Maria Castro.
For more photo’s of El Parian go to North America

Mariachi musicians at El Parian, Tlaquepaque, Guadalajara, Mexico

Mariachi musicians at El Parian, Tlaquepaque, Guadalajara, Mexico

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