Coronavirus and Travel Photography

Town Beach Broome Western Australia
Looks like social distancing at the Town Beach, Broome, Western Australia

I had to ask myself an important question recently.
Should I continue to post articles on travel photography during this terrible crisis.
After all if we can still afford to travel we can’t! And if we can’t afford to travel now due to a tragic change in our employment status, is travel going to be something we will think about?

Well, if you are following this site then you are interested in travel photography and I imagine you have a camera.
Even on the off chance you sold your camera because you now need the money then you will still have a mobile (cell) phone which has a camera.
So now is a good opportunity to fine tune your travel photography skills, especially if you have a bit more time.
It’s a hobby to most and a good way of taking your mind off the chaos around us at the moment.

If like, most of us across the world, you can’t go far, use your home and garden as photography sets.
There are many interesting subjects waiting for you to take imaginative shots of them.

You’ll be amazed how much you can do in the confines of four walls or fences.

Good luck and stay safe!

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