An Introduction to Travel Photography

Table on the beach. Kefalonia. Greece An Introduction to Travel Photography Travel Photography is something we all do from time to time whether on vacation or when travelling for any reason. In this well written and researched article "An Introduction to Travel Photography" I will attempt to 'introduce' you to the world of Travel Photography Definition … Continue reading An Introduction to Travel Photography

7 Ways Good Photography Equipment Can Help You Create Great Marketing Images

I’ve said in a Why selecting a new camera is like selecting a new date (or TV) that it’s not the camera but the person with their finger on the shutter button that makes or breaks a great photo. Well just to contradict myself, sometimes it is the gear. Having certain equipment can give you shots … Continue reading 7 Ways Good Photography Equipment Can Help You Create Great Marketing Images

How to take an ‘awesome’ selfie

In Why You Need a Professional Selfie I talked about having the need to have a decent self-portrait or ‘selfie’ on your website, social media or publication to show the human face. Maybe you’ve decided to get this done but don’t want to use a professional photographer or Uncle Eric who has a good camera. … Continue reading How to take an ‘awesome’ selfie

Thank you for following my posts

In my photographic and marketing journey, I’ve noticed that a lot of people in small business struggle with being able to take good marketing images So I’m put together an online resource, at with lots of information to help take better images and understand where that fits into an overall marketing strategy. So why am I … Continue reading Thank you for following my posts