Learn how to use aperture priority in 15 minutes

  You’ve got the new beaut camera or maybe you dusted off an old one that you’ve had for a couple of years and instead of using your smartphone, you thought you would use this for your marketing images. After all you have enough of searching for stock photos that just aren’t what you need.... Continue Reading →

How to get ahead of your competition – get good images

  I am the image maker, So, sang The Kinks in Ordinary People in 1975 As a photographer and someone who has been involved in sales and marketing as a profession, I shake my head at the way some business’s view the use of images in marketing. Because image is everything!! I’ll say that again;... Continue Reading →

Understanding the 3 points of the exposure triangle

So, what is the exposure triangle? Well the exposure triangle is the relationship between aperture, shutter speed and ISO.Each one affects the other. OHM's Law Remember Ohm’s law? Well if you don’t (I’m not even sure they teach it at school these days). It’s basically an electrical equation V Volts (power) = R Ohms (resistance)... Continue Reading →

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