Luminar Neo The Game Changer

As you may or may not know I’m an affiliate for Skylum who make some great editing software including that of Luminar AI – go to the link below for more on that.

I wouldn’t promote them if I didn’t use and like their software.

Well, they are releasing a new editing software called Luminar Neo that I think is a game changer. It’s aimed at the photography enthusiast, semi pro or pro who wants to have complete control but also want some of the more mundane tasks done with one click.

As a comparison Luminar AI is aimed at those photographers who really want to edit their photos quickly but at the same time want to be able to tweak.
Some (certainly not all) of the features are removal of dust spots, relighting, sharing to your mobile device, background removal, portrait bokeh which you can see on one of the links below in Luminar AI, and what I’m about to show you, removal of powerlines in one click.

So if we go into an image and then click on edit followed by erase. Now we have a drop down menu and second from the bottom is “Remove Powerlines”. Click on that and watch the magic.
While you’re watching let me show you another tool that I have a demo for. Again click on the image then edit and then “Relight”. Another menus appears where you can control the level of brightness for both the foreground and background and then adjust the depth of the adjustment from the front to the back. Easy!

It’s not due for release until February 2022 but at the moment they are taking preorders for around US$60 for a single licence which is a $20 saving. But it’s only available for the next 2 days. Go to Luminar-neo before it’s too late.

For more on Luminar AI go here. To see the portrait bokeh specifically in action on Luminar AI go here.

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