in the last couple of weeks i have had the opportunity to listen to two guys who use the word “vision” a lot.
i went to see jordon belfort “the wolf of wolf street” live and despite my skepticism i was inspired. his take on having a vision rather than specific goals, which you somehow never acheive, was food for thought.
the other guy I listened to on a twip (this week in photo) podcast was david duchemin a canadian photographer who also spoke about vision but this time in relation to image making. his saying “gear is good but vision is better” is also food for thought.
you’ll find david here.
the image here is the wailing wall in jerusalem. jewish people (mostly men) go there with their eskys (cool boxes) and chairs for a day of prayers.
hope to have more middle east images on our travel photography website soon.

Categories: israel, jerusalem, photography


  1. Great photography, You have a very keen eye for color work.

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