the beauty of croatia

the next set of images we posted to our site katin images were taken in croatia. any one who has been there will tell you it is a beautiful country with a spectacular 1800km coastline hugging the adriatic sea.
our time was divided between split and dubrovnik, split being a modern town embedded with a roman palace, whilst dubrovnik, typical of many european towns, has an fortfied old town  surrounded on three sides by the more functional ‘newer’ areas of town. so it wasn’t much of a challenge to find photogenic spots.
the only challenges were to put down the camera and enjoy the ambiance of two different cities and to try and take some original shots, which i believe we acheived. this one is taken from the ramparts that enclose dubrovnik old town.
by the way with all the posted images just click on them if you want to see a larger view.
you’ll find more croatian pictures here

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