Granada and the Alhambra

Granada is located in the province of Andalusia in southern Spain. It is at the foot of the picturesque Sierra Nevada Mountains. Granada has a deep Islamic history. Muslim forces took over from the Visigoths in 711 and ruled until well into the 15th century and built a large palace which overlooks the city. The Alhambra... Continue Reading →

Plaza de España -Seville, Spain

Built for the Spanish-American Exhibition of 1929, the Plaza de España is one of Seville's top tourist attractions and why wouldn't it be! With stunning architecture, inticate tiling and a calming semi circular lake, its just the place to go for a restful afternoon in the sun (provided it's not too hot - Seville can have... Continue Reading →

An ornamental relief from the Alhambra in Granada, Spain

I recently posted a reflection of one of the buildings from the Alhambra in Granada. Not only does this beautiful collection of buildings have historical significance but also architectural. The decorations, like this ornamental relief, within the palaces were typical of Moorish dominion within Spain. Experts (not me) will tell you that this was from... Continue Reading →

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