African shoestrings – Namibia Day Seventy five – Windhoek

In most African towns and cities there are plenty of curio and souvenir shops, a lot of them tacky and often overpriced and Windhoek was no exception, we did however find tucked away in an old renovated warehouse that once housed a brewery, the Namibia crafts centre. This place sold only artifacts and souvenirs made... Continue Reading →

African shoestrings – Namibia Day Sixty – Windhoek

We got our liquid back in the bar when we got back after cooling the bodies in the cool water of the pool. There were three tour guides in there. They were actually running an overlander full of middle-aged Belgium and Dutch tourists. We got chatting and had a bit of banter. One of them... Continue Reading →

African shoestrings – Namibia Day Fifty three – Luderitz

Diamonds were discovered around Luderitz relatively late in 1908. The Orange River and some of the islands off the coast had yielded some good results from around 1866. A chance discovery by a railway worker sparked off a 'diamond rush' and the establishment of Kolmanskop. In its heyday it supported a wealthy, mainly German, population... Continue Reading →

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