African shoestrings – Lesotho Day Thirteen

David & Clement talked incessantly amongst themselves in SeSotho. To us of course it was rabble of noise punctuated by frequent loud hearty African laughs. What they were talking about was anyone's guess. Normally on these treks, one guide is enough for six people but as we and Olive and Petra had booked separately somehow … Continue reading African shoestrings – Lesotho Day Thirteen

African shoestrings – Lesotho Day Twelve

Somehow we made progress until we reached the river crossing about an hour in. In fact it wasn't actually the river crossing that was the problem, it was the steep, narrow, rocky path that zig zaged down the side of a small gorge at an angle that would make you think twice about walking down … Continue reading African shoestrings – Lesotho Day Twelve

African shoestrings – Lesotho Day Eleven

The Pony trek itself was something else. Now as corny as it sounds, I always get the dude horse. I once rode a horse that flatly refused to go anywhere, another time, a horse that would only go in one direction, home, which is fine at the end of a ride but is a bit … Continue reading African shoestrings – Lesotho Day Eleven

African shoestrings – Lesotho Day Eight

We decided to celebrate our feeling of freedom at the Lodge bar. Well it was a sort of bar but more like a counter in a small cupboard. We managed to find a couple seats outside with some of the other fellow guests, the odd local ex pat, a few locals from Maseru (the capital, some two … Continue reading African shoestrings – Lesotho Day Eight