Welcome to the Stock Photography Coaching Resources section.

Let me ask you this:

  • Are you fed up with wasting your time searching for stock photos for your business?
  • Have you used a stock photo, only to see it being used elsewhere by another business, even a competitor?
  • Do you always find yourself saying “Oh if only I had a photo of X”?
  • Have you taken a photo that you submitted to your ad agency or printer only for them to charge you to rework or even retake it because they don’t think it’s up to scratch?
  • Have you paid a photographer to take some photos for your business only to be unhappy about the ‘finished article’?

If you answered “yes” to even one of these questions then read some of the articles here at
You will find that some of these articles have Guides or Checklists attached
You can find these below:

I believe that there are too many features that are just not needed!
So I’ve condensed the the most common features that you will find on a modern day camera into this little guide

Camera Features






Camera Features Guide

Want a quick and easy guide to help with improving your Stock Photos then click below

11 easy ways to improve your photography









Eleven easy ways to help you take your own stock photography

A stands for Aperture.
Aperture is measured in f-numbers. An f-no. or f-stop is the size of the aperture and by moving that dial you control it.
This check list will help you experiment and learn how to use Aperture

Aperture Priority Checklist









Aperture Priority Checklist

Have you got a product to sell? Need a short checklist that will help you take a great photo of your product. 

Product Checklist Capture









Product Photography Checklist


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