Coronavirus and Travel Photography

Looks like social distancing at the Town Beach, Broome, Western Australia I had to ask myself an important question recently. Should I continue to post articles on travel photography during this terrible crisis.After all if we can still afford to travel we can't! And if we can't afford to travel now due to a tragic... Continue Reading →

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Why You Need a Professional Selfie.

We all know that a picture paints a thousand words. And we know that images are important to our marketing, particularly our online presence. Why is it then that often the one image that we should have, is missing or at best average? Which image is that? The SELFIE or as it used to be known... Continue Reading →

Finding the best Camera for your Travels Part 2 Mirrorless

Finding the best Camera for your Travels Part 2 Mirrorless In The basics of camera equipment – Best camera equipment for travel photography, I mentioned That “despite those who say its’s not about the gear, you need a camera that will suit your style and objectives.” This is especially true when you are off travelling.... Continue Reading →

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