Black and White to Colour Made Easy

Have you ever tried to convert a black and white to colour?If you have, even if you’ve tried it with Photoshop, Lightroom or any other editing software you’ll know that it's a painful process! Well PixBim have this new software called colour surprise AI and it’s a beauty.It makes colour conversion from black and white... Continue Reading →

Finding the best Camera for your Travels Part 1 Compact

In The basics of camera equipment – Best camera equipment for travel photography, I mentioned That “despite those who say its’s not about the gear, you need a camera that will suit your style and objectives.” This is especially true when you are off travelling. Having a camera that you are comfortable with and that... Continue Reading →

16 Tips for Photographing Wildlife whilst Travelling

Leopard stalking his prey in South Luangwa NP in Zambia In Tips to Prepare for Photographing Wildlife while Travelling I gave you some handy tips on preparing for photographing wildlife while travelling. Now it’s time to give you some tips on actually photographing wildlife whilst travelling. So if you have read Tips to Prepare for... Continue Reading →

The Pros and Cons of Using a Vehicle for Travel Photography

Local tour vehicle in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA Whilst we tend to think of photographic equipment as items that closely assist in taking travel photos. One piece of equipment is rarely mentioned. What is that? Well one that should be the most expensive, a motorized vehicle. In the video below from Mitchell Kanashkevich (website) he... Continue Reading →

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