Luminar Neo Updates and Extensions

Been a while since I mentioned Luminar Neo. Well they (skylum have very busy)

Let me give you a brief rundown on what they have to this forever improving photo editing software

Portrait Background Removal
Now you can select a human in your photo and automatically remove the background behind them — no tedious editing required. Achieve precise selections, enjoy a smart refinement brush, and save the portrait as a separate PNG file to use as you please. You can find this feature within the Masking options. It’s time to spark your creativity!

In Luminar Neo 1.2.0 Update, extensions were introduced — paid professional features that expand the capabilities of Luminar Neo. The first extension they releasing was HDR Merge, which can merge up to 10 exposure-bracketed images into a single HDR photo. HDR Merge delivers a spectacular level of color enhancement, making the final result look as close as possible to what the human eye can see. 

Noiseless AI Extension
Luminar Neo 1.3.0: Update Noiseless AI Extension was introduced
Noiseless AI, a new paid Extension for easily achieving professional results. Based on deep photo analysis, Noiseless AI determines the level of noise in a photo and suggests one of three noise reduction options — Low, Middle, or High — that can be applied in a click. You can also adjust the noise reduction level manually. Furthermore, the Luminosity, Color, and Details sliders give you even more control over the results.

Clone Tool
Luminar Neo Update 1.4.0. Now Luminar Artists can use the long-anticipated Clone tool in their editing. Extensions are also improving: the HDR Merge Extension now gives results with reduced chromatic aberrations. 

Plus of course they have improved some more technical and basic proceess’s

If you haven’t got it yet then I belive the present prices go up on 29th September so grab a copy or subscription by going here.

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