Luminar Neo Update 1.0.6

Skylum has released a new update to Luminar Neo. The 1.0.6 update includes Mask AI and Histogram Let’s check it out:. Mask AI The major feature of this update is the long-anticipated Mask AI technology. The powerful neural network behind Mask AI detects up to 9 separate elements in a photo: people, skies, architecture, transportation, water, flora, mountains, natural ground, and artificial ground. What’s more impressive, is that you can automatically mask the desired area with just one click of a button. The AI will find the desired area and mask it up for you, without needing to spend time fussing over the details with a masking brush. After applying a tool to the masked area, you can easily copy and paste the adjustments to other images, and the mask will apply adjustments only to the same masked area of the other image – be it a sky, a building, a person, and so on. On top of that, you can use the manual Gradient and Radial masks. Plus, the new interface makes it easier and more enjoyable to work with masking. Histogram The histogram is a tool that can be a great help while correcting colours or adjusting exposure, and it’s is now available for. A histogram is a graphical representation of the tonal values of your image. In other words, it shows the number of tones of a particular brightness found in your photograph, ranging from black (0% brightness) to white (100% brightness). It’s a great tool that will help you produce well-balanced images. Now you can press the J hotkey to toggle clipping indicators on and off and see clipped pixels. To coincide with this update Sklylum have Neo on special ‣ One-time purchase: Luminar Neo 2 seats instead of 1 for US$79 ‣ 1-year subscription Luminar Neo 2 seats instead of 1 for US$59. ‣ And a special offer for those who have already had Skylum products: Luminar Neo 1 seat for $54 plus free Film Grain textures. You can access these here

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