Why You Need a Professional Selfie

Why You Need a Professional Selfie

“Taking pictures of myself, self, self”

After watching the “campaign of the century” Trump v Hilton, it seems obvious to me how important image is especially self-image.

So, this leads me to the ‘Selfie’. But not the one that we attempt to get one handed or on the end of a selfie pole with our smartphone but the one that represents you and your business.

In the first of a couple of posts I tackle Why You Need a Professional Selfie

In the next post, I’ll take you through a good way of getting that professional ‘Selfie’.

The last in my series on features to have on your camera is actually about what features you don’t need.

The 6 features you don’t need on your camera

If you haven’t had time to read the series, you can scroll to the bottom of any of the posts and get all four in a PDF.

As always please share and I would love to hear your feedback

OK bye for now and talk to you next week

PS: “Taking pictures of myself, self, self” sung by Nina Nesbitt in Selfies 2014 – not a bad video on YouTube

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