6 ways to prevent getting up to go the toilet at night – A “Michael Hyatt” style guide.

It’s Wednesday and our bathroom renos started yesterday. By bathroom renos I mean BOTH bathrooms which means that we are without a toilet and shower.
We arranged a portable toilet and shower to be placed outside in the carport about 50m away from the side door of the house, and for the moment we have to go through our partially covered patio and then step down some slippery steps. So going to the toilet is an adventure.
Needless to say, doing the middle of the night toilet trip is something you really don’t want to have to do.
So after listening to Michaels Hyatt’s podcast “Achieve More by Sleeping More, I thought of a few ways in the true Michael Hyatt style that we all could all develop to prevent this ritual.
After all, whilst it’s not every day that you renovate bathrooms there are times that you just don’t want to get up. If it’s cold, if you are camping or staying in a caravan, sharing a bathroom etc. etc.
So here are my 6 ways to prevent getting up to go the toilet

1. Don’t drink anything
I mean it just because you’re are meant to drink 2 point something Litres per day doesn’t mean you have to.

2. Don’t go to sleep
There’s plenty of successful people who survive on less than 2 hours of sleep. They have the odd health issue but who cares at least you don’t have to get up.

3. Don’t drink anything after 4PM
If you can’t do 1. Then do this. After all, if you go to bed at 10 then you’ve got 6 hours to get rid of all your fluid.

4. Don’t get up
Just suck in it and hold it. You’ll be OK.

5. Have an accountability partner
If you share your bed with someone else, then there’s a good chance that they too will need to get up to pee during the night as well. Just have an agreement that both of you hold each accountable to NOT get up.

6. Don’t drink diuretics after 4PM
This is actually a more serious one. Diuretics are things like alcohol and caffeine and they make you pee. So don’t drink ‘em! You’ll be considered pretty antisocial at the pub or a restaurant but you will have the satisfaction of not having to get up in the night whilst everyone else who is drinking will.


So what about if you have to get up but don’t want to have walk too far
Here’s 6 tips on that as well:

1. Pee in the kitchen (or any other close by) sink – easier for blokes I think!
2. Find a nearby tree
3. Pee out of the window – again easier for blokes
4. Wear a nappy
5. Have small chemical toilet
6. Have a potty

So there you go. Can you think of anything I’ve missed? How many of you have been in the same situation? What have you done?

Feel free to comment below
Oh and Michael, feel free to use this if you think it will be useful for your readers.

This was once two bathrooms!

This was once two bathrooms!

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