African shoestrings – South Africa Day Thirty-four – Cape Town

Table Mountain was next on our agenda but that was tomorrow’s challenge in the meantime we had to get back and eat!

Largely because of its multiculturalism Cape Town is considered the gastronomic capital of Southern Africa. There are lotss of restaurants and cafes of all descriptions and price tags.

In Observatory there were several with lip licking menus in which we could have quite happily whiled away a couple of hours.
Andre in one of his monologues had recommended “A moment of madness” a darkly lit tiny and intimate two storey restaurant with a unique sort of smokers lounge and a small skinny black skinned waiter we nicknamed ‘lurk’ after the Adams family character. He had this way of plodding up and down the creaky stairs and then pausing to catch his breath that just cracked us up.
Sue’s first order had been a salad of some description and he plodded downstairs to the kitchen with our order. A few minutes later he plodded back up to tell us that she couldn’t have that as they didn’t have any. Sue reordered and off he went reappearing later with the dish that Sue had first ordered but minus our cutlery.
With a sigh he trudged down stairs and back up, …….. pause for breath… with our cutlery but no napkins, another sigh, another plod down and then up, …. ..pause… and we were happy. In fact we were so happy we were almost in hysterics and waited till he disappeared back down stairs again before falling off our chairs laughing and then using the nicely pressed napkins to wipe our eyes.
The food from what I remember was pretty good, (I think we had fish of some description) the atmosphere with Louis Armstrong in the background was great but Lurk stole the show.

Fish at one of London's famous markets, Borough Markets which is devoted entirely to food.


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