Reflections of Piazza San Marco in Venice

The main piazza (square) of Venice is undoubtedly Piazza San Marco. It’s a large square ringed on two sides by tourist restaurants with classical music playing and dominated by  St Mark’s Basilica.
On the day I was there it had been raining and the image below is a wet refection of the Basilica on the paved Piazza surface.
It’s design originally marked the location where merchants could set up their stalls.
Its a well known fact that Venice floods regularly and the Piazza is usually under water when it does. In this case I can assure you it was just rain!

Reflections on a wet Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy

Reflections on a wet Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy

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  1. I love this alternative view.

  2. Thanks, Sally. Glad you like it.

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