The travel photographer FAQ’s: What is travel photography?

What is travel photography?
Well that depends on whose asking and whose answering because there is no right answer. Look it up on the net and you will find various opinions. My take is that it’s a collection of several genres like landscapes, street, culture, nature, wildlife, black and white, people and so on. Most would say that the shots are from your travels away from home. But that means if I take an image of a cultural activity in my town then it’s not a travel photo but if a visitor from New York takes it then it is. Maybe then its the use of said image………..! Maybe we’re just over-thinking this. So anyway this is a beginning of a new series of posts that aim to help anyone interested enough to take better  photos on their travels. Here’s a black and white ‘travel’ photo.

Men playing Pétanque near the Eiffel tower in Paris, France

Men playing Pétanque near the Eiffel tower in Paris, France

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  1. you are right, the question is tricky as is the answer. Maybe travel photography is everything you photograph while on the move – including pictures taken with the iphone while in the underground in your home town…

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