scatter guns

i was at a dinner the other night and got talking to a couple of guys who had recently been travelling with their wives both of which (their wives that is) were keen photographers. they both said that there wives took literally ‘000’s of images. one actually has her camera set on auto bracketing and took 100,000 on a 5 month outback road trip. how much i thought! i wouldn’t shoot anywere near that amount in that time span.
like most ex film photographers i still believe in the philosophy of trying to make every shot count. apart from my strong believe that i get much better images by taking less, i also hate to spend any more time in front of a computer (doing what is now image development) than i need to. i’ve heard similiar tales around the photographic community and i guess you need to see the best images from this scatter gun approach to make a conslusive comment. the image below is a scanned slide and I probably only took about half a roll of film (18) on this subject matter

Three Tibetan ladies dancing

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