A cat on a step on the Greek isle of Thirasia

Of the idyllic Greek Islands everyone knows Santorini and yeah, its bloody beautiful! In fact watch this space for some images of this famous island. Across the Caldera is the little island of Thirasia which is usually a 1/2 day excursion from Santorini. It's how Santorini probably was before the rich, the famous and the … Continue reading A cat on a step on the Greek isle of Thirasia

Two men, motorbikes and Jerome

In Arizona there’s a small town called Jerome. Jerome was the epicentre of copper mining before being deserted and then lovingly restored into the trendy chic town it is now. These couple of guys had just ridden into town and were having a bit of chuckle outside one of the many bars. What they were … Continue reading Two men, motorbikes and Jerome

Travel different Murano and Burano two

Arguably the prettiest palace in Venice’s lagoon, Burano is known for its lace industry and the colourful houses that line the streets and canals. Legend has it that the fishermen in days gone by wanted to see their houses from afar as they returned after a hard day’s trawl. A walk along the streets will … Continue reading Travel different Murano and Burano two