Restaurant widow in Matilda Bay Perth

I guess we all complain about where we live at one time or another. As some of you know i live in Perth Western Australia and like everyone else you become blasé about your surroundings. Matilda Bay is a small bay that is a part of the Swan River and from there you get a... Continue Reading →

A cafe in Subiaco Western Australia photo

The travel photography FAQ's are on hold for now. But they will back in a new form on new site so watch this space! In the meantime more photos from around the globe. Perth in Western Australia was once a sleepy city far from anywhere and where getting a good coffee was always a challenge.... Continue Reading →


A few months ago I went to Fotofreo. Fotofreo is an annual month long photography festival held in Fremantle, Western Australia. It’s a candy store for anyone who loves photography whether you’re involved in the industry or just love looking at great art. There are workshops and special events as well but the main course... Continue Reading →

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