The travel photographer FAQ’s: What is travel photography?

What is travel photography? Well that depends on whose asking and whose answering because there is no right answer. Look it up on the net and you will find various opinions. My take is that it's a collection of several genres like landscapes, street, culture, nature, wildlife, black and white, people and so on. Most... Continue Reading →

Photo tip no 8 – RAW V JPG part 1

This is a HUGE topic that will be difficult to do justice to but if the question is why? Then here's a brief answer. I might add that this question (at the moment anyway) only applies to higher end compacts, micro four/thirds and DSLR cameras. If you are using a smartphone or a compact that... Continue Reading →

Monday’s image

Thought I’d start a series of random images from my portfolio. Always welcome any comments. Caught these two guys gently ambling along a Mostar (Bosnia) street. I was touched by the younger guys obvious affection. What’s their story? Father and son? Good mates? A stranger helping an old man?

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