Burano, Venice – Colourful canal houses in Burano


Fira – Santorini’s town on the edge

Everyone's heard of Santorini and how it is one if not, the most beautiful of the Greek islands. Pictures, no matter how good, don't do it justice. The photo here of Fira the main town gives you an idea of its beauty. Perched on top of a cliff overlooking the Caldera or volcanic 'hole' filled … Continue reading Fira – Santorini’s town on the edge

Whitewashed street in Mykonas

Mykonas is one of more well known Aegean Greek Islands. It's know for its glittery celebrity life style and camp inclinations. Despite this and I say despite because not everyone covets the world of the ostentatious, it really is a great place. It's multicultural extremely picturesque and retains a true Greek identity. I spent a … Continue reading Whitewashed street in Mykonas

Travel different – London5

Near the famous tower bridge is Katherine dock, supposedly one of London’s best kept secrets. The Thames path, a 294 km walk that follows the Thames (obviously) from its source in the Cotswolds to Greenwich and almost the North Sea, tracks its way through the docks with even a stop to see the boats pass … Continue reading Travel different – London5