African shoestrings – Lesotho Day seven

Malealea Lodge is at the top of a hill right next to Malealea Village. The lodge itself is a collection of chalets, huts, a dorm and a bar/store dotted among Pine trees and areas of brown lawn. Set to one side away from the other buildings, stood a colonial style house that the old man … Continue reading African shoestrings – Lesotho Day seven

African shoestrings – Lesotho Day six

Malealea Lodge is set in the quaintly called Valley of Paradise that's about 2200 metres high. To get to it, after travelling on what can only be described as the 'road from hell', 13 kilometres of potholes loose rock and shifting gravel, you have to travel through the "Gates of Paradise". This is a pass … Continue reading African shoestrings – Lesotho Day six