Burano, Venice – Colourful canal houses in Burano


Che Guevara in Cuba

In Cuba the late Che Guevara is everywhere. On buildings, T shirts, posters and books to name just a few. His popularity seems from an outsiders point of view to be bigger than Fidel Castro's. Maybe dying young in pursuit of another cause creates martyrdom or maybe the many years of Castro's dictatorship has made … Continue reading Che Guevara in Cuba

Burano Lace work, Venice

Burano is the capital of the finest laces and doilies, handmade with skills that have been passed down through generations. There is even a Lace Museum (Museo del Merletto) on the island which is located in Piazza Galuppi at the palace that was seat of the Burano Lace School. Re-opened to the public in June 2011 after extensive … Continue reading Burano Lace work, Venice

Mulatto of Havana photo

In Havana's several tourist spots there are these beautiful women in colourful dresses parading on the streets and the leafy squares. Whilst the term Mulatto means mixed race it has also been borrowed to describe these women who approach tourists for 'picture money". You pay for the privilege of taking a photo of her with or without … Continue reading Mulatto of Havana photo