Coffee in Portland photo

Despite it's more famous neighbour to the north having a reputation of the best coffee in North America, Portland coffee shops are not so bad either. When I mean coffee I mean espresso, not the stuff that's so common in the USA, that sometimes tastes like it was made last week. So if you go... Continue Reading →

A cafe in Subiaco Western Australia photo

The travel photography FAQ's are on hold for now. But they will back in a new form on new site so watch this space! In the meantime more photos from around the globe. Perth in Western Australia was once a sleepy city far from anywhere and where getting a good coffee was always a challenge.... Continue Reading →

Rue Mouffetard bar in Paris black & white photo

Like most photographers into street photography, my inspiration comes from two greats, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Doisneau both from France and whose famous black & white photos were taken in Paris. Whilst I'm under no illusions that my B & W efforts come anywhere near the quality of work by these two champions, I've done a... Continue Reading →

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