Tables in Salamanca Spain

Salamanca in Central Spain is a little bit off the tourist route but well worth a visit. It's pretty much a university town with architectural splendour and a lively party scene. (like everywhere else in Spain). Of course it has its fair share of restaurants. This is one is in Salamanca's main square, the Plaza … Continue reading Tables in Salamanca Spain

Whitewashed street in Mykonas

Mykonas is one of more well known Aegean Greek Islands. It's know for its glittery celebrity life style and camp inclinations. Despite this and I say despite because not everyone covets the world of the ostentatious, it really is a great place. It's multicultural extremely picturesque and retains a true Greek identity. I spent a … Continue reading Whitewashed street in Mykonas

Rue Mouffetard bar in Paris black & white photo

Like most photographers into street photography, my inspiration comes from two greats, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Doisneau both from France and whose famous black & white photos were taken in Paris. Whilst I'm under no illusions that my B & W efforts come anywhere near the quality of work by these two champions, I've done a … Continue reading Rue Mouffetard bar in Paris black & white photo