Don Pedro reservoir near Yosemite NP California photo

On the the Golden Chain highway that sort of runs from Sacramento south to Yosemite is an area of lakes and reservoirs. This particular patch of water is part of the very large Don Pedro reservoir that snakes close to the road so we were able to get a close look at it. As it was... Continue Reading →

Another Half Dome Mountain in the famous Yosemite NP photo

Based on the last Half Dome photo I posted it looks like this is a pretty popular national park. I enjoyed every minute of being there. I took this one from a lookout near Glacier Point Road after a bit of hike around there. I thought I'd start sharing some of the techniques I use.... Continue Reading →

View of eroded rock from Zabriskie Point Death Valley NP California photo

The infamous Zabriskie Point, more famously known as a movie is actually a lookout over an interesting landscape of yellow, brown and black rock formations called Badlands. Death valley itself straddles California and Nevada and as its name suggests is hot, dry, dusty and surprisingly the biggest national park in the lower 48 states of the US. But probably not... Continue Reading →

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