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I’m Nick Katin, a travel photographer, a marketeer and a sales professional.

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I’ve been there! I’ve learnt travel photography from scratch so I know what it’s like to learn the hard way.

I caught two bugs in 1996, in taking time out from a management role. The bugs? Travel and Photography and I’ve been trying to master travel photography ever since.

My mission is to give you and anyone else interested in travel photography some of the tools that will help them only create images they can be proud to show others.

I learnt photography from trial and error whilst on my travels and at home. The only learning resources then were books and workshops. 

I want to see you become successful in creating the sort of image that will help enhance your travel experience.

Now I know you may say:

1 I don’t have time – You are in all probability only going to be at that destination once. Sure, you will have memories but they fade.

Images, if properly cared for, last for decades

2 Don’t have the money to spend on photo education – Look I get that you want to invest your money in your trip.
But bringing home images that you are proud to hang on your wall at home and share with your loved ones will play a big part of your travel experience.

3 I don’t have a decent camera – Assuming you have a camera that works then you have a ‘decent’ camera.
The idea that you need a certain quality of camera to take great images is simply not true.

4 I can’t learn photography because ………. (fill in the blank) – Well there might be a reason that I can’t think of where this is true but if you can run a business or hold down a job, manage a family or even your finances then you will be surprised how quickly and easily you can learn.

There’s plenty to read to get you started if this is your first time here.

Travel Photography
Articles specially about or relating to travel photography

How to
Some useful takeaways for some specific photography actions

Explanations of some more technical photography elements

Buying a camera
Pretty self-explanatory

15 Minutes
A couple of articles that give you quick wins

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Nick Katin

Perth, Western Australia

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