G’day – thanks for visiting our travel info and photo blog

Nick Katin - Photographer

Nick Katin

This is Nick the primary photographer and blogger for katin images. I hope that you will enjoy the stories and images on this site.
They have been accumulated from visiting 38 different countries from all the continents in the last eighteen years

All images and text are copyrighted however if you feel you have to share any images or posts please give me credit.
Alternatively you can licence an image to aid your project or publication by contacting me via our contact form.
Prints are also available via galleries
If you are looking for a travel destination image or for some info or advise send me an email .

Hope you have fun reading and viewing my posts!

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6 thoughts on “G’day – thanks for visiting our travel info and photo blog

  1. Hi there,
    thanks for visiting.
    You have a very inspiring blog, I really enjoy seeing the world through your lenses.
    All the best

  2. Your blog is really nice informative , The goal of most travel photography, whether your talking about personal or commercial, is to create a series of pictures about a destination that is more interpretive in nature.

  3. Great article!
    I started to be interested in photography about two years ago. I was self-taught , many of my photos is simply not going out.
    I began to offer my services for free my freinds , family , further friends etc.
    I made my own portfolio , I lived in photography all the time and yet nobody really appreciated my work.
    I was so bad , motivation is gone.

    Finally I signed up for the photo Academy.
    I started training and we will see what will come of it !

    If you want to you you can also sign up at this link

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